Venture inside The Burrow and set yourself free as you fall deep into another dimension. But remember, we’re all mad here and once you go down the rabbit hole, there is no coming out.

The Burrow is more than just a gym, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a place where you can come and be yourself, where everyone is equal. At The Burrow you will experience a completely different take on health and fitness than what you are used to. With five pillars of classes available and experienced and passionate coaches to guide you, there is no doubt that you will achieve your goals. Our members become friends with the people they train with and they will be with you every step of the way on your shared fitness journey…

It’s more than just a sweaty workout; you hold each other accountable, cheer each other and push each other to finish that final rep. If you want to experience a new take on health and fitness, train in style, push yourself way past your limits and achieve things you never thought possible, then The Burrow shall be your home from home. Hop into our Living room and visit one of our House Resident Bunnies who will be more than welcome to show you around and answer any questions you may have on beginning your fitness journey with us.


BoxnBurn & Boxing


Box and burn is a fun, high-intensity explosive workout that is great for burning calories. It challenges your body activating many different muscle groups at once with a combination of boxing techniques and high intensity cardio. Box and burn will help reduce body fat, improve total body strength, tone and composition and as a result, the class aims for a lean, athletic body that you see will in no time with the right determination.


Our boxing class will teach you how to really move like a boxer. You’ll focus on technique and get a cardio & strength training workout that will help improve endurance, coordination & stamina. Once you learn the basics of boxing in coordination, speed and footwork, the feeling of empowerment and motivation will have you coming back for more.

Crossfit & Bootcamp


CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements that reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. These are the core movements of life. By employing a constantly varied approach to training, functional movements and intensity lead to successful gains in health and fitness. CrossFit is designed for any committed individual, regardless of experience.


Our Bootcamp program is an intense mix of strength & cardio training that will have you pushing, pulling, lunging, and squatting to get you lean & sweaty. Bootcamp benefits include body fat loss, increased cardiovascular efficiency and increased strength.

Yoga & Pilates


A practice that teaches you to synchronize your breath with the movement of your body. Awaken your strength, energy, & flexibility in a peaceful environment.


Stretching is very important for flexibility, range of motion and injury prevention. Incorporating stretching into your daily workouts is a given, but including it in your daily routine is just as important to health and body functioning as regular exercise is.


Strength Spin

A high energy class that will build lower-body strength, improve your coordination and strengthen core balancing while riding on a stationary bike. A great way to switch-up your routine and challenge your body a different way.

Interval Spin

A high energy class that will build lower-body strength, improve your coordination and strengthen core balancing while riding on a stationary bike. A great way to switch-up your routine and challenge your body a different way.

Strongman & Pump'd


Strong man is a strength training class that steps away from the use of conventional barbell and machines. In a Strongman class the use heavy odd awkward objects such as tire flips, or cement ball carries, brings a new challenge to each individual, in which they’ll benefit in building raw strength and strong core.


Pumpd is a 30 minute weight training class with a focus on clients looking to build muscle through compound lifts and high repetitions. Clients will benefit in learning correct form and technique to lifts weights safely and effectively to add the desired size and strength.

Calisthenics & RecoveryX


Calisthenics is understanding how to use your body as one unit. It is a form of strength and power training utilizing only compound bodyweight exercises which aid in the improvement of things like posture, body control, core strength and muscular endurance. Our Calisthenics class is perfect for all levels as it will develop basic level of coordination, stability and muscular control, before moving on to more challenging or weighted exercises.


TRX involves no complicated machines or dumbbells, just two straps attached to a ceiling for target training or whole body workout. Exercises can be modified by changing body angle or stance. This is a perfect class if you want to focus on core work, improve cardio and build strength.

Personal Training

General Fitness

Let our coaches work their magic and help you to achieve your goals. You’ll leave our wonderland as the best version of you


Let us help you continue your fitness journey in the kitchen by providing you with meal plans and nutritional advice.

Weight Loss

Crush your fitness goals. Book your appointment for your weigh-in & measurements with our coaches and stay on top of your goals.


Push yourself to the limit and then do one rep more as our coaches take you on a journey to become the strongest you’ve ever been.

Skill Based

Work with our coaches to fine-tune a particular skill whether it be Yoga, Muay Thai or Boxing.

Our Coaches

Looking to perfect a skill or have specific goals to achieve? Our coaches are trained to help you maximize your potential. Book your one-on-one training session with one of our coaches today.


  • Grecia Denisse – Silva
      Grecia Denisse – SilvaPersonal Trainer

      Originally from Panama with a qualification in Fitness and Personal Training; Grecia delivers dynamic functional training routines. Her unique coaching style blends mindful meditation in her routines for a holistic experience that will fuel your body and take your soul on a journey.

      Before she can take you on this inner transcendental journey, get ready to break a sweat as Grecia puts you through your paces, striving to leave every client feeling and looking fitter, healthier but most importantly, happier.

    • Andy
        AndyPersonal Trainer

        Originally born and raised in Spain, Andy has always enjoyed maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While in Spain, Andy worked as an athletics coach helping others improve their running technique. In 2013, he moved to London to further develop his professional career and learn English. In London, he continued to train clients on his free time and worked as a store manager for Tommy Hilfiger. On his free time, he enjoys running and training, and spending time with friends and family.

      • Hassan

          Hassan is a Premier certified personal trainer with over 8 years experience in boxing. Raised in London with a Persian background, he trained at All Stars Boxing Gym & assisted in coaching the youth and adolescents. He has joined The Burrow coaches specializing in boxing with goals in refining your skills, agility and technique. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family and remains athletic by training for himself. With a very friendly and social attitude and passionate fitness lifestyle, he always enjoys the moment his clients reach their goals and believes that hard work always pays off.

        • Rob

            Originally from the U.K Rob joins The Burrow with an array of skills & certifications in sports & fitness. His training experience includes playing professional Rugby, as well as competing in CrossFit Competitions both in the U.K and internationally. True to his word and passionate about fitness; during his free time he loves training for himself, but also enjoys relaxing and checking out new coffee spots. While at The Burrow he will pushing you through all your CrossFit and Strongman works & will also be available for Personal Training.

          • Alexander
              AlexanderMuay Thai/Kickboxing

              Muay Thai Coach Aleksandr Voronstov started kickboxing in Russia at the age of 6 & competed in his first fight at the age of 9. He spent last year living in Thailand where he trained daily and fought twice a month. Fight against your inner self in one of Alex’ classes.

            • Vincent
                VincentBootcamp, Spinning, Muay Thai

                Vincent is a certified personal trainer specialising in Muay Thai, Bootcamp & Spinning. Push your body’s limits in his classes, daily at The Burrow.

              • Edwin
                  EdwinSpin, Bootcamp

                  Originally from Kenya, Edwin joins The Burrow team with a large set of skills that will help you reach your fitness goals. His energy & personality is easily felt through his classes & PT’s. In his spare time Edwin really likes to kick back and enjoys watching movies & listening to music. Edwin’s motivated and will sure be pushing you round n’ round in his high energy spin classes!

                • Joel
                    JoelMuay Thai/Kickboxing

                    Joel began his boxing journey at 11 years old & had his first fight at the age of 14. Since then, Joel has had 38 fights in which he has won 29, lost 6 and drawn 3. In 2015 he spent 6 months in Thailand at a Muay Thai Gym to further develop his fighting skills.

                  • Nickolaos
                      NickolaosBootcamp, TRX, Recoveryx, Pilates, Spin

                      Fitness enthusiast Nickolaos joins The Burrow team from Greece. Certified in both Personal & Group training focusing in High Intensity Interval Training & Cross Training, Nick will get your endorphins high and push you even higher to reach your fitness goals. Nick has been working as an Adidas Strength Coach Ambassador in Greece, & has always dreamed of working abroad & is thrilled to be joining The Burrow family. His personal motto is Train your Body Train Your Soul.

                    • Saad
                        SaadBootcamp, Boxing, Calisthenics

                        Born and raised in France but with a Moroccan origin, Saad is a PT coach at The Burrow and specialises in Boxing, Calisthenics and Bootcamp. With a Sports Science Bachelor degree and boxing trainer certification, Saad is on hand to make sure you reach your goals.


                      • Naser
                          NaserFront Desk

                          Naser has developed his health and fitness expertise from completing his masters degree in Sport Management in the UK. He is a competitive sporting enthusiast who is passionate about football, fitness and cooking food for the soul. Enhancing customer experience is his primary focus, and he’s looking to achieve that by building long lasting relationships and creating memorable experiences.

                        • Mari
                            MariFront Desk, Customer Service Representative

                            Originally from Venezuela, Mari brings her vibrant & fiery personality anywhere she goes. Passionate in creating unforgettable guest experiences, she wants to make sure your time at The Burrow is one of a kind. Armed with a Bachelors of Science in Communications degree from the University of Miami, Mari is our go to girl for events & PR. A natural social butterfly you can count on her for a chat any day!

                          • Joshua
                              JoshuaFront Desk

                              Originally from Philippines, Joshua portrays a limitless hunger for fitness and nutrition. He became curious about health when he realised the extent in which fitness plays a major role in well-being and confidence. Josh was truly inspired to transform his life when he watched his first Strong Man competition as a kid. Since then, he has become a body building enthusiast who dreams to enter the central stage in the near future. He has now joined The Burrow family with the plan to reach these goals while assisting others pursue their dreams.


                            • Zeus
                                Originally from Southampton, England, Zeus brings his passions and skills as The Burrow’s very own Physiotherapist. Graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Physiotherapy, Zeus has an array of experience working in Sports Clinics and Sport teams such as Southhampton FC and a variety of Boxing & MMA Gyms. Zeus’s passion and in depth knowledge of various Physical Therapies make him a great addition to The Burrow Family. He is looking forward to helping you with any rehabilitation needs and enhancing your physical performance in and out of the gym. 

                              Our Facilities

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                              CLASS BASED MEMBERSHIPS

                              12 MONTH – 1200KD*

                              6 MONTH – 720KD*

                              3 MONTH – 450KD

                              1 MONTH – 200KD

                              *Payment plans available

                              CLASS PASS MEMBERSHIPS

                              1 CLASS – 10KD (1 WEEK)

                              5 CLASSES – 50KD (1MONTH)

                              10 CLASSES – 90KD (1 MONTH)

                              20 CLASSES – 160KD (1 MONTH)

                              36 CLASSES – 216KD (3 MONTH)

                              PT ONLY MEMBERSHIPS

                              FIT – 1 MONTH 100KD

                              4 PT SESSIONS / 1 PER WEEK

                              ATHLETE- 1 MONTH 240KD

                              12 PT SESSIONS / 3 PER WEEK

                              CHAMPION – 1 MONTH 290KD

                              16 PT SESSIONS / 4 PER WEEK

                              OLYMPIC – 1 MONTH 320KD

                              20 PT SESSIONS / 5 PER WEEK

                              SPARTAN – 3 MONTH 390KD

                              20 PT SESSIONS / 2 PER WEEK

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